About us.

Whatever we write here, will be irrelevant, because in our case, every image is worth a thousand words.

But if you really want to know more about us, please read these few sentences below.

Nomadd is a Gdansk-based studio specializing in architectural visualisations, Thanks to the huge knowledge and directional architectural education, we are able to support whole design process. We always try to deliver best quality product and simply make your projects more beautiful.
What we do exactly?
We create world that do not exist yet. We produce images, animations, experiment with the VR technology and make 3d models.
Why us?
What we do is our passion. It guarantees 100% commitment in your project. We are constantly striving for perfection and work we produce is always of the highest possible quality. We are architects also, so we understand the whole design process. And finally, the studio was founded by an architect and graphic artist with over 15 years of experience in working on hundreds of projects , producing over thousand images.
And the name?
This is how we work, nowadays, with the internet connection and online work, we are able to be everywhere and produce images for the whole world. ADD means something extra, we always add it to your project and make it even more perfect.
If you want to trust us, please contact us – we are always excited about new cooperation possibilities.

Alek Pluta / founder / architect / 3d artist
Piotr Maciański / architect
Albert Maciański / interior designer