About us.

What we do and how we do it is far more important for our clients than who we are… And rightly so…

Still, if you are interested in us this is just the right place to find some information about the company and its building blocks.

Nomadd is a graphics design studio specialising in architectural visualisation. We are based in Gdańsk, Poland, but pride in working with companies from many different countries.

We developed as a group of freelancer architects with the passion for 3D graphics which allows us to undertake all kinds of tasks and, most importantly, support the whole process from the concept designing stage to the final rendering and post-production. We value good work ethics, flexibility in cooperation, and high product quality. Together with our experience and full commitment to every project these characteristics stand behind our clients’ satisfaction.

For some time we have been researching new approaches towards visualisation, experimenting with different technologies, and following the inevitable change in the industry standards. Apart from rendering classic images, modelling objects, or enhancing images in post-production, we are eager to work on animations, videos, basic VR experience projects, and 3D web-exposition.

We are looking forward to new challenges and co-operations, so contact us without hesitation if in need of professional visualisations. As Nomadd we are not limited to our place of origin, instead, we constantly search far and wide for new possibilities of adding to other peoples’ success.

It is said that an image is worth a thousand words. If you agree, simply take a look at our portfolio here.


Alek Pluta / founder / architect / 3d artist
Piotr Maciański / architect
Albert Maciański / interior designer